On June 1, 2022, I shared a post on kindness, summarizing how we can offer kindness to others. In reading that post, I’ve thought back to my words and the quotes I used to make my point. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, my thinking made me realize that I’m not a good receiver of the kindnesses of others.

Yes, receiving is definitely not the easiest thing I do in my life. It taught me to give—give of myself, what I have, and the talents God has given me. That is one thing I remember about my mom that is a cherished memory—her giving spirit. For me to give is easy, and often my calendar shows that I’m in “giving mode.” I have trouble saying no to opportunities to share what I’m able to share.

However, when put on the receiving end of giving, I play the game the slugs play. I roll up and hide in my shell of “Oh, no, I can take care of that myself.” Good examples have faced me over the years. Since 2001, I have undergone several surgeries. Many offers came our way for meals to help my husband and me. Do you think we’ve yet to accept an offer for a meal? Maybe one or two; otherwise, nope, not us, we’ll be just fine. We’ve done it before; we’re likely to do it again.

Why is it so hard? I’ve pondered the word “receiving” and asked God why it’s so hard for me to accept something offered. I have listened for that still small voice, and it has whispered an answer. The answer? It makes me appear weak, helpless, too needy, and so many other similar things. 

I need to work on that part of me that rejects my neighbor’s help. I must ask God to help me learn to be accepting and to put my negative thoughts aside. By not accepting, I’m not allowing another of God’s servants to do their sharing.

?s for youIs it easy for you to accept another’s help or assistance? Do you ever turn down an offer of help? How do you handle your feelings about accepting? Share in the comments or just give the questions some thought.

Enjoy autumn!


Featured Image Attribution: Rémi Walle on Unsplash