The Writing Studio is a gathering place for lovers of writing and words.
Here we can share our collective passion for writing various
genre, including fiction, memoir, essay, and creative nonfiction.

Posts may focus on writing in general, writing tips and resources, tools
of our creative trade. Or on any given day my writing may reflect on
family life, my faith, my current project, and family history.
And there may be surprises.

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What is The Writing Studio?

Not only is The Writing Studio the place where I write my thoughts, but it is also the physical place where I write.

It is a special place. My husband worked diligently designing what I imagined would be a gazebo for summer sitting. And then…

Bob worked so hard last summer building what became my writing place. The summer of 2018 saw the exterior finished and interior touches completed. Bob’s hard work is a blessing to me as I’ve fought with incessant back pain over the last couple of years. While he worked so hard, I rested in my recliner or lay prone in the bed except for some good days I sat in my corner office writing or otherwise studying what to do next with my manuscript.

If you click this link, it will take you to a post written upon the reveal shared earlier this year. A gallery of photos, inside and out, await you.

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Who is Sherrey?

Sherrey Meyer, Blog Owner, Writer

Hi! I’m Sherrey, and I am a writer. I haven’t always been a writer but managed at all times to pursue my love of words through reading and writing. Sometimes I get so carried away with my love of words I also proofread and beta read for other writers.

I grew up the middle child but it doesn’t seem to have caused any difficulty in carrying out my roles as a wife, mother, grandma, and great-grandma. When opportunity provides, you’ll find me writing or reading. I love words!

My current work-in-progress is a memoir, the story of a Southern matriarch and how she ruled the roost with not so pleasant methods. On occasion, I have been lucky and written essays that actually were accepted for publication in anthologies.

My writing and proofreading experience reaches back to near age 12 when my publisher and printer father decided he needed some part-time help on several large government projects.  He trained me to proofread and edit, and on weekends and during school holidays I had my own mini-office in my bedroom dedicated to my efforts.

Daddy was the source of my love of words.  Words have always fascinated me, but life has inserted itself along the way.  Now a retired legal secretary, where I used these skills, I now enjoy the time to focus on my passion for writing.

For samples of my writing, see the tabs labeled Essays and More and Guest Posts under Publications.

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