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The Writing Studio is a gathering place for lovers of writing and words.
Here we can share our collective passion for writing various
genre, including fiction, memoir, essay, and creative nonfiction.

Posts may center on writing in general, writing tips and resources, tools
of our creative trade. Or on any given day my writing may reflect on
family life, my faith, my current project, and family history.
And there may be surprises.


Recent Scrivenings


Writing Resources

Whatever creative path you’ve chosen, you will need access to resources to learn. You are blessed with imagination and creativity, but unfortunately we are not born with a gene pool including resources. Resources are provided for our use by others who have studied certain fields such as painting, writing, music, literature and more. This section includes resources I have found helpful and important to my writing life.


Book Reviews

Reading is considered one of the best resources a writer should draw from in learning the craft. This page shares a list of reviews found in my blog. Each one represents a book I have found useful in learning to write not only memoir but other forms of writing. Soon this will be updated to include some exciting new finds in the realm of books on writing. Watch for this!