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The Writing Studio is a gathering place for lovers of writing and words.
Here we can share our collective passion for writing various
genre, including memoir, essay, and creative nonfiction.

Posts may center on writing in general, memoir tips and resources, tools
of our creative trade. Or on any given day my writing may reflect on
family life, my faith, my memoir project, and family history.
And there may be surprises.


Writing Memoir

Writing memoir extends to several forms: book-length memoir, essay, poetry, and flash memoir, among others. Samples of essays and other writings, either published or shared as guest posts, are included under Publications.



Whatever creative path you’ve chosen, you will need access to resources to learn. You are blessed with imagination and creativity, but unfortunately we are not born with a gene pool including resources. Resources are provided for our use by others who have studied certain fields such as painting, writing, music, literature and more. This section includes resources I have found helpful and important to my writing life.

Book Reviews

Offering reviews of memoirs as well as books on writing memoir for your encouragement and support.