The Writing Studio is a gathering place for lovers of writing and words.
Here we can share our collective passion for writing various
genre, including fiction, memoir, essay, and creative nonfiction.

Posts may focus on writing in general, writing tips and resources, tools
of our creative trade. Or on any given day my writing may reflect on
family life, my faith, my current project, and family history.
And there may be surprises.

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What is The Writing Studio?

The Writing Studio is not only an online presence, where my personal thoughts on writing and a variety of tips on resources for writers are shared, but it is also a structure designed and built my husband, Bob. Once the wet and dark gray Oregon winter ends, we’ll be putting the finishing touches on the outside and completing a few things inside.

Then the writing studio in my backyard will become my writing haven when I need quiet time to write or research. Or perhaps I just want some time to think about my various projects.

I’ll post photos when all is complete! Photos coming soon (updated 8/17/18).

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