The Emotion Thesaurus: A Resource for Every Writer

Today I’m reviewing The Emotion Thesaurus on my book blog, Found Between the Covers.  I hope you’ll join me there to finish reading this review. * * * The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expressionby Angela Ackerman & Becca PuglisiPublished by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformPublication Date: May 6, 2012Genre: NonfictionSource: Authors One of the biggest […]

Bubbly Like Champagne

Personalities bubbling like champagne are describedas vivacious, spritely, spirited, and lively.  Always upbeat,these people seem to have an overabundance ofenergy and vitality. vivacious | adjective lively in temper, conduct or spirit. Synonyms: animated, frisky, jaunty, perky, pert, sprightly, spring. * * * As I read this definition and the synonyms for vivacious, the words remind me of […]