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    Sunday Morning Love Affair

    This post originally appeared in a previous blog, Sowing Seeds of Grace. For a variety of reasons, I found it hard to come up with a new post this week. So, I dug into my old blog posts and found something I enjoyed reading again. The original post was published May 7, 2014. Minor changes were made to the title and text. It began just a few weeks ago. Intermittently they appear together because of his schedule. All are watching with amusement and charmed hearts. He is many years her senior, but they don’t seem to notice. Just the rest of us. This past Sunday was one of the best…

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    Gratitude While Cocooning

    With plenty of time on my hands, my mind runs to thinking on gratitude. What I’m grateful for in our cocooning.   We decided to substitute “cocooning” for “sheltering in place” and “quarantining.” The genesis of cocooning is a statement shared in our church’s weekly men’s Bible study group. I’ll share the entire quote in a moment.   Here’s what I’m grateful for this past week: Shelter and food to eat plus clean water to drink. Being stranded in the middle of Meyer Woods with the man God blessed my life with almost 39 years ago. Health and welfare of our three children and their families. A long drive in…

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    Most of us enjoy surprises. Some of us don’t. When Bob and I married, we vowed not to surprise the other at work on birthdays and anniversaries. I should have thought about Valentine’s Day.   One year Bob sent me a singing telegram on Valentine’s Day. It came straight to my desk at work. Sung by a Barbershop quartet made up of members from the chorus Bob sang with, I blushed as the center of attention.   Spring is full of surprises. One has appeared in the one sunny spot in our front yard. I noticed it a few days ago and mentioned to Bob the leaves unfurling on tiny…

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    Quotes About Love

    Throughout the history of the writing world, love has been among the greatest muses. Did you realize that Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets dealing with love, time, beauty, and morality? Pablo Neruda was well-loved internationally for his poetry which consisted of nature imagery as well as physical intimacy. Such works by Shakespeare, Neruda, and many others speak to the power of love, not just on Valentine’s Day but throughout history. My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite. ― William Shakespeare I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where, I love you simply,…

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    Morning at Wellington Square by Susan G. Weidener (A Review)

    When I read the last words of Susan G. Weidener‘s Again in a Heartbeat, I knew I would be picking up Morning at Wellington Square.  Susan had shared the story of a blissful courtship and love found under blossoming dogwood trees with a man who loved her more than she had ever imagined possible.  A story of building a family and careers disrupted by her husband’s long and difficult battle with cancer. I wanted to understand how a young woman with two young sons moves on from the hurt and pain of loss, a loss many of us will never experience, much less so early in life. Morning at Wellington Square…

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    Again in a Heartbeat by Susan Weidener (A Review)

    Again in a heartbeat . . . an ordinary turn of phrase.  We’ve all said it.  Some of us mean it; some of us say it jokingly. Susan Weidener, in writing about her husband John and their life together, through good times and bad, means those words.  In fact, she uses them as the title of her memoir, Again in a Heartbeat. Susan’s writing style is comfortable and her story draws you in immediately . . .a  young woman meets the chair of the English department at the military academy where her father had chaired the same department and went on to become dean.  Immediately, the reader is caught up…