Nothing is written in stone, i.e. concrete.Welcome to my corner of the online community where I write about a variety of things, including writing, memoir, and an avid love of books. I also write about life and faith and their importance to me as a child and throughout my life.

I’m glad you’re here. Come in and sit awhile. Perhaps a cup of coffee? Or tea? We have so much to talk about when it comes to finding joy in sharing about faith, life, and yes, writing.

It is my hope that within these posts and pages I share something pointing the way to writing and finding joy in it. Perhaps you will find yourself writing short fiction, creative nonfiction, a novel, essays, and more. Perhaps, like me, you’ll even set up a blog to showcase your writing.

My writing life goes back to elementary school and winning an essay contest. Before that, however, my dad had begun to teach me to appreciate words and reading and then around age 12 he pulled me into the proofreading phase of the printing company where he worked as manager. In 2006, I retired from my position as a legal secretary for a major law firm in Portland, OR, where I had the responsibility for drafting legal documents and pleadings. And yes, I had to proof those too. But at least I had the opportunity to write.

Upon retiring, I realized I now had the chance to put my writing skills to work writing what I wanted to write, not what someone else told me to write. I began by working on a memoir, which you can find under the tab Writing Samples / Memoir WIP. In addition to posting about the writing process itself, I’ll be sharing writing tips, resources, and books focused on writing.

I love stories about life and what happens day-to-day so there’ll be some of those kind of posts, and my faith is all important to me. Don’t be surprised if I pass along a verse of Scripture or a short message about my faith.

We all have a story to tell, and that story may help someone else. Whether you choose to write fiction or nonfiction, your words will have an impact on a reader somewhere.

And remember, as the image above states, “Nothing is cast in stone.” So write to our heart’s content and, if you so choose, revise it, toss it, burn it, but always start up writing again.

* * *

If you have a story you’d like to share with my readers or a writing tip you’ve discovered, please read the Guest Post Guidelines and get in touch via the Contact Page.

Also, you can direct any and all questions to me via the Contact Page.

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  1. Eartha says:

    Hi Sherrey, as much as I bog about food, I love to write. It’s also intimidating for me to write and share so it’s nice to discover blogs like yours that inspire.

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