Revisiting Simplify

May 7, 2013

Near the first of the year I posted on the word “simplify.”  Rather than fall victim to the idea of resolutions, I had chosen the word “simplify” as the focus of my year.  We had just spent 18 months travelling extensively and life had somehow gotten out of control.  I felt at loose ends and […]

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Book Reviews | Memoir

Adopted Reality, A Memoir by Laura Dennis

April 22, 2013

Laura Dennis‘s Adopted Reality, A Memoir opens with riveting and tense words: “I’ve successfully infiltrated the Illuminati’s West Coast cell.  I suspect they’re onto me.” Although the reader senses in these words a psychological thriller, Adopted Reality is so much more.  Dennis writes with authenticity the raw truth of her many-sided life. Always searching for love as affirmation […]

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One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir: Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD by Bryan L. Hutchinson (A Review)

February 20, 2013

Bryan L. Hutchinson has written a book for all parents, teachers, physicians and counselors as well as any adult diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (“ADD”) to read.  Hutchinson spent his entire youth and young adult life wondering what made him different, unacceptable in some settings, and caused his difficult relationship with his father. In One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir, Hutchinson […]

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