Most Popular Posts in 2016

While anticipating the new year and what 2017 offers, it’s always nice to look back on some of the good things from the previous year.

I thought it would be nice to check my blog’s most popular posts this past  year. Note that some are older posts which have been searched for and read by a new visitor to the blog in 2016. Most gratifying is the activity the blog received without too much action at my end.

The list below shares the most popular posts:

How to Use Mind Mapping in Writing Memoir

Choosing the Title for Your Memoir

Turbulent and Emotional Times (Part I)

Turbulent and Emotional Times (Part II)

Social Media Assessment: What I Learned

Let’s Admit It: Our Words and Actions Impact Others

Perhaps you see a favorite of yours here, or maybe you have a favorite that didn’t make the list. Let the rest of us know in the comments below.


11 thoughts on “Most Popular Posts in 2016

  1. Happy New Year, Sherrey! I know 2016 was a rough one for you with your injury, but praying 2017 is much better in many ways.

    1. And Happy New Year to you, Joan! Thanks for your continued prayers, but my mindset is a positive one. I told Bob just yesterday I’m determined to get back to the physical status I was in on Jan. 23, 2016, the day before I fell. And I have hopes and dreams for this year I will complete only if I rise above the pain and push on through. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

  2. I just read the “searching for a title,” blog post which is where I am right now. Perhaps I should ask my readers as you suggest. I ad-Meyer that you have designed your own website. I am not that clever, so I am paying someone big bucks to do it for me. It’s progress though and part of my game plan for 2017.
    All the best in the year ahead, Sherrey.

    1. Marian, I so enjoyed your “ad-Meyer!” Bob got a giggle from that too. I think titling our books is one of the hardest steps in completing our work. The website is based on a WordPress theme and it’s pretty much a do this, now do that installation. Thanks for your comment about the site.
      Due to a death in our family this past summer, we may be making a road trip which will include Florida. I’ll let you know as it would be great to meet you and see Cliff again.
      Wishing you and Cliff a wonderful year in 2017.

      1. Yes, do let us know if/when you come to Florida. We have a guest room available.

  3. Your most popular blog posts demonstrate that you are generous with what you learn and that you have a community of friends online and offline who are supporting you in the healing/writing process. All best in 2017! To your good health!

    1. As always, Shirley, you leave such gracious words in your comments. Looking forward to a more productive year in 2017. Wishing you and Stuart a healthy, happy, and love-filled new year.

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