Shhhh…Lean in Close…Time to “Reveal”

It's time for a "reveal." On most writers' blogs when the word "reveal" is used, it's to share your soon-to-be-published book cover. Not quite ready for that yet. But, we--husband Bob and me--are almost ready to "reveal" The Writing Studio in its finished state. I first shared images of my studio in this post. It's been … Continue reading Shhhh…Lean in Close…Time to “Reveal”

messy desk, clutter, disorganization

Spring: Time for Cleaning and Decluttering

The northwest has enjoyed some early spring weather this year. On each clear and sunny day, Husband Bob has been outside cleaning and decluttering our yard. We love our mini-forest but each rain and wind storm brings down needles, fir and pine cones, tiny boughs, medium-sized limbs. At some point, this gets under Bob's skin … Continue reading Spring: Time for Cleaning and Decluttering

Changes…Not Again!

My family history consists of many changes. With parentage defining our personal history, my parents and my DNA have more or less labelled me in many respects, especially change. When my dad arrived home from work on Fridays, he teased my mom that it was a good thing he wasn't a drunk. His reasoning was … Continue reading Changes…Not Again!