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Soothing Souls

March 3, 2019
lily pads surrounding lotus flower

On Tuesday, Bob and I spent the greater part of the day at OHSU (aka Oregon Health & Science University). OHSU also houses two hospitals, and my surgery will take place at one of them (OHSU Hospital) on Wednesday. Tuesday’s schedule contained three appointments, each of which included questions and answers, tests and more tests, […]

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Health and Self-Care | Miscellaneous

Medical Hiatus

February 25, 2019

Beginning March 6, 2019, the blog will go dark for a while as I take a medical hiatus. After a long wait, insurance has finally approved the surgery recommended by my spine surgeon. This will entail the repair of a failed fusion from 2011 as well as stabilizing a couple of other areas. As I […]

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Monday Monday

February 19, 2019
Cloudy day in Portland

Monday was definitely a Monday. I sat all day and watched patiently for the promised weather forecast–sunbreaks. Yet, they never made a showing. Just one or two would have made all the difference in the world outside my window. Nothing but gray skies, a chill in the air, reports of freezing fog early morning. None […]

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Winter Visit

February 6, 2019

We went to bed Monday night with the weather report buzzing in our ears. Because we’re retired, the buzzing didn’t keep us awake. We had no place to go Tuesday morning so the status of schools and the thickness of ice on the roads didn’t apply. I didn’t expect any evidence of a winter visit […]

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