FLUSTERED isn’t a pretty picture.  Not even in books, stories or essays.  Sometimes a flustered character adds just the right touch.

In life, we’ve all been flustered once, maybe twice. Maybe we’ll just leave it there.

Think about the word “flustered” for a minute.  Then read on.

flustered | adj.

feeling confused, embarrassed, or nervous, especially because you have too much to do or too little time to do something

Imagine yourself running late for an interview with a new agent, or a job interview, or to any appointment, even a date.  And then there’s the deadline you’re not going to meet!  What usually happens to you?  Of course, some of you are pretty together, so maybe it doesn’t happen to you.  But could you pretend just for today?

Usually, I begin to sweat.  I know — not very feminine — but it’s my response to guilt, nerves, feelings of inadequacy, arriving late.  Others become bewildered, even confused under similar circumstances.  A thesaurus entry for flusteredcan be found here.

Any of these responses and the thesaurus entry should be helpful in developing the flusterednature of your character you may be looking for.

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