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Shhhh…Lean in Close…Time to “Reveal”

It's time for a "reveal." On most writers' blogs when the word "reveal" is used, it's to share your soon-to-be-published book cover. Not quite ready for that yet. But, we--husband Bob and me--are almost ready to "reveal" The Writing Studio in its finished state. I first shared images of my studio in this post. It's been … Continue reading Shhhh…Lean in Close…Time to “Reveal”

Demolition Operation

Deconstruction and Reconstruction of My Memoir

Memoir Writing's Toll. Memoir writing is often a long and arduous journey. Sometimes it takes a toll on the writer in a variety of ways. There is the debate over what family members will think or do. The writer questions the truth of what he/she is writing. This questioning brings into consideration just how much … Continue reading Deconstruction and Reconstruction of My Memoir

Clothes line

Hot Summer Nights | A Day in the Life (Episode #9)

We're having a heat wave! Oregon is HOT in our neck of the woods. Usually, summer days aren't filled with temperatures nearing 100 or humidity starting the day at 70% or more. We're accustomed to average summer temps in the low to mid 80's, low humidity, and nights cooling down into the 60s or even … Continue reading Hot Summer Nights | A Day in the Life (Episode #9)

Seeking Balance, Harmony and Inspiration in Life

Ever Tire of Feeling Too Busy? As a full-time legal secretary, wife, and mom, I felt busy. I longed for the days of retirement. People said when they retired there was never enough time for all they wanted to do. How could it be?   Now I know. With retirement in our lives for a … Continue reading Seeking Balance, Harmony and Inspiration in Life

From the Corner of the Oval by Beck Dory-Stein | Memoir Review

What if you woke up one day, living with a family member who had changed into an entirely different person? What if she were an older sibling you had always admired and strived to be like? And what if you were an insecure preteen when it all started? What would that do to your life?