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Chronic Illness and the Writer | A Series (Part 1)

What defines a chronic illness? Depending on what resource you use, you may find a variety of answers to this question. However, in my research as a writer and a patient, it appears the duration of an illness usually labels it as "chronic." The length required in the health insurance industry is a duration of … Continue reading Chronic Illness and the Writer | A Series (Part 1)

Writer MIA 27 Days Returns to Write Again!

Where was I the last 27 days? Almost a month ago, I posted on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that I was taking a breather. I needed some self-care, and I wanted to attempt a little spring cleaning. I thought ten days or less should cover it. Why I didn't post my planned absence here I … Continue reading Writer MIA 27 Days Returns to Write Again!

“This story changes everything…” ~Oprah

I’d like to introduce you to Janna who blogs at All We Need Is Love…. Janna is writing a memoir and I’ve found some of her posts, including this one, fascinating and well written. Please visit her and read some of her work.

Love is all we need...


“This story is so important to me and our culture. It has changed all the philanthropic efforts I’m involved in… This story is the story of our time… Listen to me!” ~Oprah

The research on adverse childhood experiences is what she is referring to. Children who are exposed to chaos, uncertainty, chronic stress, violence, loss, emotional/physical neglect, and abuse have significant increases in the biggest disease states as adults, including anxiety, depression, and suicide.The reason is chronic, unpredictable toxic stress rewires the brain to be more susceptible to all stress for a lifetime and stress is deadly. This research changes the question we ask about kids. It changes from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened?” Until we fix the “hole in the souls” of our young people, where the wounds started, we will be ineffective in all efforts to help that child — body, mind, and spirit.


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Transitioning from Writing Nonfiction to Fiction

Previously on The Writing Studio... Some time ago I shared my decision about publication of my memoir. Since then, I've done lots of reading and research on orphanages in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Not much writing, other than taking notes. My fingers itch to begin writing this novel. Yet, I'm stymied because … Continue reading Transitioning from Writing Nonfiction to Fiction

Did Jesus Really Die? | A Day in the Life (Episode #8)

Children have a way of catching you off-guard, don't they? Specifically, they have a way of asking the wrong question at the wrong time, literally. The following incident happened several Easters ago. Yet, each Easter since it's a memory I still recall with a combination of joy and trembling. One of our choir members had … Continue reading Did Jesus Really Die? | A Day in the Life (Episode #8)