As a child and then on into my adult life, my mother emotionally and verbally abused me.  Even as an adult, my inner child told me not to talk back.  Talking back only created more abuse.
So a few months ago I began an experiment.  I was very interested in the concept of healing through writing, and I wondered if I could free my inner child’s voice by writing letters to my mother just what would happen.

What happened has been, for me at least, a beginning of healing.  Here I can write and say what I’m feeling with no fear of repercussions or reprisals.  I am releasing pent-up emotions from 60 plus years ago.

My mother died in 2001 shortly after 9/11.  Her life was an amazing reversal at the end, and I will share that in my memoir.  Yet, despite the change in her, I was still never able to have my child’s voice heard.  This is my way of resolving that part of my story.

Image Attribution: Jae