Dear Mama,
I was looking through photos again and came across a favorite of mine.

A favorite because over time I’ve learned what effort went into my first recital dress.

Daddy wanted me to take piano lessons, and so he bought me a piano and arranged lessons.  You made sure I arrived at lessons on time, and you made certain I practiced, practiced, practiced!

And then it was time for my first recital!  What’s a girl to wear?

Daddy had also bought you a sewing machine.  I had listened to you fuss every time you went near it.  You sounded as if you hated that machine.

When things didn’t go exactly as they should, you went into a rage and said you’d never touch it again.

BUT you put your distaste and dislike behind you and bought pink organdy and white lace to make my first recital dress!

I know it wasn’t an easy task for you.  If things weren’t perfect, you’d get so angry.  (Now I understand where my obsession with perfection comes from!)  Yet, you finished that dress and as this photo shows, even in black and white, you did an outstanding job on it.  I felt grown up the day Daddy took this photo.

I don’t remember what piece I played that night, and I don’t remember being nervous.  I do remember feeling so dressed up and proud because you had my dress.

See?  We were capable of good times and making happy memories, weren’t we?

I love you!