In a post a few weeks ago, I wrote about the need for a quiet place to write.  Discussions at a writing conference had planted seeds of hope for such a space.
Work on completing the renovation in my sewing room to offer for a small, yet efficient writing space has begun but need to use the space before completion interrupted my work.  So, I present you with a few images of where I am when writing:

My Writing Corner
My Writing Corner

As you can see, remnants of sewing days remain, some I wanted to keep nearby.  The rack of colored spools of thread offer inspiration when wishing to describe a scene, the file rack although made from fabric offers a place to store important information, and yes, due to laziness the wallpaper remains (sewing-themed, of course) as do a couple of cherished prints given to me by family members, also lending inspiration.

Books and Things
Books and Things

Visible here are some tools of our trade.  Books I’m reviewing.  Resource tools, like The Chicago Style Manual, The Elements of Style, Bird by Bird, and The Memoir Project.  No writer can solely depend on the computer, so pencils and paper are nearby as well as things you cannot see like a calendar, clock and music for company, my radio.

It’s a far cry from what some would call ideal or perfect, but I cannot begin to tell you the difference in what I carry out in this tiny space as opposed to attempting to work in the family room or dining area of our kitchen.

Lesson in all this:  If at all possible, carve out not only time for writing but also a quiet place you can all your own.  One that makes you want to be in it to write.

A few thoughts from writers on writing space:

“Put your desk in the corner, and every time you sit down
there to write, remind yourself why it isn’t in the middle of the room.”
~ Stephen King

“A woman must have money and a room of her own
if she is to write fiction.”

~ Virginia Woolf

“The writing life is defined by the succession of choices you make,
primary among them whether or not you will write. You honor
your writing space by entering it with this mantra:

‘I am ready to work.’
You enter, grow quiet, and vanish into your writing.”

~ Eric Maisel