Wednesday’s Words

My hope is to make Wednesday’s Words an every now and again event. These posts will feature the words of others in writing or other art forms.

Today’s words are words fitting for the times we are living in and should all be putting into action. 


Today is a new day.
Wall Art by Marla Rae


Image attribution (dictionary/lamp): Flickr via Brian Sawyer

5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words

  1. I love this, Sherrey. Oddly, today was Wordless Wednesday for me, and for you words from greats. Words (and the vision to read them) mean a lot to me as I have had been diagnosed with macular degeneration.

    1. Marian, what a coincidence we worked on wordlessness and words for Wednesday! I am so sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. Having family members with this condition makes me nervous when having my eyes checked. I am pre-macular degeneration. I’ll privately email to chat more about this. Prayers and thoughts are with you.

    1. Kathy, I was so excited to see your comment! It’s a joy to add something like that to share with my readers. Also received a notice you’re now following along with me. Great!

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