Following up on my post from last Monday, I’ve compiled a list of resources in which you may find information and/or interests from which you may find a way to help make a change.

These items were found in various circulated newsletters, blog posts, and my personal reading. As I publish this list, to my knowledge all links are working. Let’s hope nothing messes them up in their transmission to you.

I encourage you to find your way in our current situation to make a change in yourself, your community, your workplace, your church, your family, and on and on. It’s the only way things can become different–we all have to work together.

Anti-Racism Resources (start here) includes books, films, documentaries, social media groups, family-related books and moves, and more. Take a look here:

75 Things White People Can Do To Address Racism a listing of 75 actions that will move forward in improving the balance in our communities. Read through and pick something you can do and will do. Although this list has been around a couple of years, it still seems quite viable and worthy of our review.

Books on Anti-Racism

Websites to Explore:

Dorothy Greco is a writer, author, journalist, photographer, pastor, and much more. Recently, Greco posted Dear White Friends: Ignorance and Apathy Are No Longer Options. Not only is the post excellent reading with respect to systemic racism and anti-racism, but Greco also offers many resources for you to explore these topics. Two other outstanding posts on this site are: How Not to Lead a Discussion on Race and Systemic Racism Is Real: Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Anthony B. Robinson is another writer, author, theologian, and pastor hosting a blog on his site. He graciously posted a letter written by his wife, Linda Jambor Robinson, titled Dear White People. Mrs. Robinson is an educator, artist, and grandmother. In her letter, she provides guidance to us in this time of continuing racism. Also provided are other resources in the form of books, sites, movies, and more.

Scraping Raisins is a site hosted by my friend, Leslie Verner. In 2016, Leslie posted 70+ Race Resources for White People. This list is as solid today as it was then, and I highly recommend it as a source again of books, movies, podcasts, etc.

News Article:

Amy Wang, a reporter for The Oregonian/Oregon Live, prepared an article entitled 35 Books About Race, Recommended by Black Portland Writers. It is an extensive list of books including a reference at the end to the Literary Arts, a Portland nonprofit, that has a collection of talks by Black writers available at its The Archive Project. These talks are free.

Though I haven’t read or examined all the items listed above, I’m comfortable in including all of them here, as they come highly recommended by others whom I trust.  Please add additional resources in the comments section of this post.

Thank you for reading this post and for your interest in making a change in the ongoing racial and ethnic injustices happening in our world.



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