Coming home from a recent writing conference, I pondered our discussions of quiet writing spaces.  Something set apart from the rest of the living space and the noises of living with others.
As I drove up Hwy. 101 in Oregon, my thoughts began to wander to dreams of having such a space and how I could make it work in our already crowded 1640 sq. ft. home.  Granted only two humans and one cat live in that space but we can get in each other’s ways.

Images began to dance in my head like sugar-plum fairies at Christmas.  First, I saw a garret in an old Victorian home. This space could work well, but we don’t live in an old Victorian nor do we have an attic.

Moving along in my thoughts, I couldn’t help but think of all the conversions I saw when looking for space for a sewing room — closets converted into sewing areas!

But which closet was I going to give up to make a writing space!

Thinking about these closet conversions to sewing spaces ignited the proverbial light bulb.

I have a marvelous sewing room! Yes, an entire room dedicated to sewing and quilting.  This room is large and not used on a regular basis except for occasional quilting. However, it is full of antique sewing machines and Victorian sewing items, but that can be managed by reorganizing a bit.  My dream grew as I drove home.

Now I’m in the process of shifting things in the sewing room dedicating one corner, already equipped with a corner sewing table, to my writing space.  Already a comfortable office chair is in place.  And there is adequate space for reference books nearby and items to show my love of writing.  Essential will be a candle and soft classical music, both necessary to set the mood.

Another discussion at the writing conference was on how to make the quiet time needed for writing.  I have struggled with this thing called “time to write.”  I don’t know where my mind has been all these years and months, but time was sitting right under my nose.

My dear and darling husband is a musician, both instrumental and vocal.  His rehearsals are many each week as he plays with two bands, one orchestra and sings in our church choir.  I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to myself as well as Thursday afternoons.

I see the elements I’ve been missing for my writing space and time coming together. Likely, my new space won’t look like this but it’s a rough idea.  Putting the space and time in tandem makes my writing life feel as if it’s been renewed!

Once the conversion is complete, and all real property divided equally between sewing and writing, I’ll share a photo with you of my new writing “garret.”

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