Update to Memoir in Progress

I have added another installment to my draft memoir under the tab “Memoir in Progress,” if you would like to read and follow it.  Remember, it is a work in progress and therefore very rough indeed.  Entries are dated, so you’ll find today’s at the top of the page labeled “July 23, 2012 Entry.”  Previous entries appear below in reverse chronological order.
For those of you who have written or are writing your memoir, I’d love to have your feedback.

2 thoughts on “Update to Memoir in Progress

  1. Sherrey,First of all I want to applaud you for having the courage to put your work out there for review-for blogging your book. I am toying with the same idea so thanks for the nudge. Have you worked with Nina Amir?As you know I am already hooked on your story through your Letters to Mama so I really enjoyed digging a little deeper in this excerpt.I have felt all along (through your writing) that behind your story there is a deeper story about your mother. Clearly she carried burdens with her from her own life into her life as your mother. You show me in this excerpt the roots of some of her abusive behavior, how the cycle repeated itself but I am also left with an underlying sense of hope that you will find peace someday.You have shown all along your love and compassion and deep yearning to find answers through all the pain you have suffered. That makes me root for you- my heroine- that in the face of all this pain you can find forgiveness and love.I love the metaphor of the artist's palette in the beginning. It adds a deeper dimension- spells out your theme and pull me right into your story.I can't even think of any constructive feedback for you. It is so deeply personal and it is clear to me you are sharing from your heart. The drive to understand, forgive and move on is apparent to me in this piece.Beautiful writing and reflection. I'm taking lessons from you, Sherrey! Mostly,I'm looking forward to more :-)Blessings,Kathy

  2. Oh, Kathy! What a treasure to wake up to this morning . . . your affirmation and accolades about my WIP! I haven't worked with Nina Amir, and I missed the NAMW teleconference with her and need to listen to the audio. I do have her book on blogging your book. It's very good and helpful. This isn't something I intended to do but thought I could some excerpts on this blog and give myself another outlet, hopefully. I want to organize that tab a little better, perhaps an index of sorts where folks can link into the sequence a bit better. Working on how to do that.I'm so glad you are seeing and hearing what I'm attempting to pass along to my readers. That gives me confidence to keep pushing forward. You know I don't even know where that metaphor of the artist's palette came from, except I was thinking of the layers in Mama's life, at least the ones I'm aware of. And suddenly those words were on the page!I love our exchanges — I learn something each time. I'm honored that you say your "taking lessons" from me. :)More to come . . . .Peace and blessings with gratitude mixed in,Sherrey

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