Brief Tutorial on Using Squarespace Comments


News around the site is that the Squarespace comments section is frustrating. The last thing I want to do is frustrate my readers. I thought perhaps a first step would be a poll to learn just what is happening, or not happening. And why.

Then I thought this might be another frustration for my readers. A brief tutorial seemed the easiest thing for both of us. Here goes!

Back Story and Tutorial

When I transitioned from WordPress to Squarespace, I posted a list of reasons for my decision. In that post, I discussed why I was deferring to Squarespace’s comments setup.

Perhaps a visual will help make it clear that you don’t have to set up an account and create another password to comment.

When you have completed reading a post, below that you will find the following:

Simply enter your thoughts into the box and click on either “Preview” to see how your comment looks, or on “Post Comment.” Clicking on the latter takes you to this screen:

This is somewhat different from what you may have been seeing. That’s because I did a little research and learned that I could change with one setting, the “Anonymous Commenting” setting. Currently, anonymous commenting is turned off and presents you with the box above. 

Simply enter your email address and then drop down to log in with your choice of Facebook, Google, or Twitter. No need to create an account or enter a password.

I hope this makes stopping by to comment a more pleasurable and simple experience for all of you. 

Images compliments of Squarespace Help.

4 Replies to “Brief Tutorial on Using Squarespace Comments”

  1. I haven’t had any troubles, so far. I’ve had readers say they are unable to use Disqus and for the life of me, I can’t understand why. I think some people just have trouble with technology.

    1. Sherrey Meyer says:

      Hi Joan, while using WordPress and Disqus I received similar comments about the inability to use Disqus. I think you may be right. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Marian Beaman says:

    Okay, Sherrey, I’ll try this. Lately I have had to log in as a guest. Also, I am posting this through The Chrome browser instead of Safari which I usually use.
    One more thing: On your landing page, the lavender bar which reads Read More on the Studio Blog doesn’t appear to be working.

    1. Sherrey Meyer says:

      Marian, thanks for trying it out. And thanks for the "one more thing" tip. Operator error on that one. 🙂

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