True Confessions

Remember the magazine True Confessions? As an adolescent, I sneaked my sister-in-law’s copies of True Confessions to the creek banks. I’m not sure why I thought I had to take them to the creek behind the home where she and my brother lived, but I did.
The words “true confessions” have been playing havoc with my mind over the last couple of weeks. My blog looks neglected and forgotten with fewer posts published. And my presence on social media isn’t what it usually is. There are three reasons. As my readers and followers, you should know I’m not going away.
First, I managed to connect with a nasty cold and cough germ that kept me down for almost two weeks. Second, my laptop caught a virus or two or three. It was “hospitalized” for several days last week. Sadly, I didn’t even miss it. I found joy, peace, and calm in reading, coloring, and music.
And for the third reason, a hazard of my first spinal fusion in 2001 has raised its ugly (and I mean UGLY) head. I’m now seeing yet another doctor to bring this pain under control. We were told there was nothing to control the pain caused by the bone graft. Today patients are fortunate that cadaver bone is available for bone grafting. If we can get this pain controlled, it will be the first time in almost four years I am pain-free. 
For the next few weeks, I plan to focus on healing both my body and my mind. Healing the body is difficult when also dealing with depression. It takes time and a commitment to exercising, eating well, and allowing the self to heal.
One post per week is my plan. These posts will include reviews of recently published memoirs. I’ve also read some good books on writing creative nonfiction essays, and I plan to review them. I hope you’ll enjoy these posts.
Thanks for reading my words today.

15 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. The colds (both yours and your computer’s) are bad enough but chronic back pain? Bless you and take care of yourself, which it sounds like you are doing. I really hope the docs can help. My husband had severe lower back pain for several months a couple of years ago. He’s managed to avoid surgery but only through rigorous physical therapy and exercise. I do think he’s lucky. What works for him might not work for another. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    1. Marie, thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, my back troubles are an extension of famiy history on my dad’s side. I was diagnosed at 12 with scoliosis and that condition puts a strain on the stability of your spine and other bony structures like the pelvis. I’m so glad your husband has avoided surgery. Tell him to keep up the PT and exercise. I just had my third back surgery in March which included replacing hardware from two previous surgeries and adding new hardware in the pelvis and sacroiliac joint. It seems as if this recovery is going on forever, but I know to be patient. However, some days are really hard. Thank you for the prayers.

  2. Oh, Sherrey, I suppose we all have to learn to listen to our bodies and bow down to their limitations. Stay in the light, my friend and feel better. Sending you love and healing thoughts.

    1. Your words “listen to our bodies and bow down to their limitations” certainly rings true for us these days. Bouncing back some of that love and healing thoughts to you, dear Kathy.

  3. We know you are not going away. Yay!

    Also, we know you, as we, have limitations. Just do what you can. Right now I feel like a flat tire because of recent book launch exertions. And just a few minutes ago, a crown on my front tooth came out. Picture: real jack o’lantern toofie!

    Prayers and healing thoughts come with this note, dear Sherrey!

    1. Limitations seem to find their way into the writer’s life, don’t they? Whether it is our health, family matters, other crises (like a crown), we are all limited by something every day. I’d love to see your “real jack o’lantern toofie!” Take care, Marian, and keep on smiling no matter what.

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