For some time, I have wanted to share more in this blog than my memoir and writing.  I want to invite writers of memoir and other genre to guest post, writing about their own experiences in the world of writing and publishing, and then marketing.
Also, I want to share the healing I experience as I write, not only my memoir but the letters I’ve written to my mother.  These letters started as an experiment and have produced the result I sought.  In writing to my mother, I have given a voice to my inner child, the little girl who never expressed her feelings or thoughts for fear of more abuses and reprisals.  And in so doing, I find a sense of healing.

I want others to know hope exists in writing out your stories, your pain, your hurts.  The former structure of the blog didn’t allow for posts of any kind other than the letters and my memoir excerpts.

I want to talk with you about how to get started, why you should tell your story, share the writers I’ve come to know and respect, and bring to you resources and books that will help you along the way.

Today there was a light bulb moment when I knew what I wanted to do here.  I began by changing the name of the blog, revised my goals in posting here, and began to work on what I have in mind.

I hope you’ll find this blog a helpful place to visit and read about telling our life stories.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Let’s write!