Our lives are filled with traditions, especially around special days and holidays. Tomorrow is July 4th, Independence Day, here in America. Traditions around this day abound. Flags waving, parades, BBQs, family gatherings, fireworks, wearing the red-white-and-blue.
At our home, we have a tradition observed for many years. A favorite community band hosts a patriotic concert on the 3rd of July in the early evening.
Bob and I drive our red Mustang convertible to the concert. And enjoy the thumbs ups we receive along the way.
The thumbs ups aren’t just for the convertible. The icing on the cake is the wearing of our made-for-the-day baseball caps. Yes, they reflect our patriotism.
This year I have to pass a test—getting in and out of the low riding convertible. We need to be sure there’s no chance of me undoing anything I’ve accomplished thus far in my recovery.
Can you tell there’s a part of us that hates to break with tradition? 


Feature image attribution: Jill Wellington from Pixabay