It’s all about timing these days. Living in a fast-paced world as we do, calendars, watches, and schedules keep us on time, most of the time. 

Several things come to mind which depend on timing: 
  • Figure skating partners must keep time to the music and each other. 
  • Choirs match their voices in entrances and cutoffs so that they sound like one voice. 
  • Gardeners pay attention to the right time to plant seeds and then thin the new shoots. Never forgotten is the timing of watering those seeds.
This all leads to my lack of timing this week. Following my last physical therapy session, I counted the days needed to recover. Somehow preparing blog posts slipped off my radar into the ether losing my timing for posts for this week.
Monday night I told Bob I was finally feeling better from last Wednesday’s session. We laughed as we realized that Wednesday waited on the horizon.
Bob asked if I’d thought of canceling this appointment and taking a break. I slipped off with no answer and thought about his words. I could do that. No one would know why I canceled. But if I cancel an appointment, I’m one session farther away from the goal, whatever it is right now. And I don’t want to get behind.
As you read this, I may be in physical therapy working hard. Wish me well!

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2 thoughts on “Timing

    1. Thank you, Bette! Your prayers are working in many ways. I had a very positive talk with my therapist today. She noted that having two days of pain and soreness following what we did last week was perfectly normal. She also mentioned that having to rest almost three days to get back in the swing hadn’t had an impact on my progress, which keeps moving forward. I walked out of the rehab center walking on air, but I can’t let my guard down. My greatest wish and prayer is to reach the end of this journey walking more like a normal person! Love that your comment was here when I returned home. It made the day so rich!

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