Thursday took us back to summer temperatures with a high at 90. The beauty of the Pacific NW is at 8:10 pm the temperature has dropped to 82 and will continue to drop during the night. By 5:00 am, it will be 65.
It’s been a gorgeous day ending like all summer days. The light is beginning to change. Sunlight begins to fade bringing sunset to us.
We’ve come in from dinner out at a popular burger place. I mentioned a few days ago I was craving a good old-fashioned (i.e. not fast food) burger. Before heading out, I take my second get-into-the-Mustang-convertible-and-get-back-out without problems test. This time I passed!
After burgers and sharing fries and a huckleberry shake, we took a nice drive. I love the feel of the wind as we head down the road. I love even more the smell of the air as we get out into the country. This is my first trip this year in the convertible, and it was so refreshing and freeing.
Grateful am I for beautiful summer weather and the plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. And for an old-fashioned burger with my hubby in our Little Red ‘Stang.

6 thoughts on “Thursday

    1. Jill, wish I could take credit for such awesome photography! Once again Pixabay had just what I needed at a very good price. Sounds like it hit you much the same as it did me as I searched. Love having you here.

    1. Marian, at least with passing the get-out-of-convertible test, I know I am progressing in flexibility. The day after surgery, although my knee bent of its own accord and at the wrong times, I couldn’t bend it. Yesterday I could! Four months plus it took to get there. YAY! Thanks for the kudos!

    1. Bette, your comments are uplifting. And more good news…a very successful visit with my physical therapist today. She indicates she is very pleased with my progress, and I can tell my body is improving these days.

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