“The Crumb Gatherer” is a short memoir piece I submitted to Jonna Ivin for inclusion in an anthology entitled Loving for Crumbs.  I’m pleased to announce that my work has been accepted! 

Loving for Crumbs is comprised of stories written by women about a time when they were willing to “love for crumbs.”  Release of the anthology is expected mid-August in print and for Kindle.

“The Crumb Gatherer” is a look into my attempts as a child to persuade my mother to affirm that she truly loved me.

Jonna Ivin is the author of Will Love for Crumbs, a stunning memoir of her own struggle with loving and being loved.

Jonna, thank you for finding my story worthy of inclusion in Loving for Crumbs.

4 thoughts on “The Crumb Gatherer

  1. Sherrey! CONGRATULATIONS! Way to go, girl! I look forward to reading this new book. You and Jonna are amazing.Richest blessings,Linda

  2. Linda, thanks for the congratulations! It is very exciting. This will be my very first ever published in the real world piece. I've had a couple of items on Women's Memoirs blog and then there's My Gutsy Story that Sonia Marsh put up. But I've never had anything published in print! My daddy, the printer/publisher, would be so proud. :)Blessings and peace,Sherrey

  3. Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement and milestone, Sherrey! I'm so excited for you and I'm looking forward to reading your story in Jonna's anthology. So nice to see good things hsppening to good people!

  4. Kathy, thanks for the congratulations and encouraging words. I can hardly wait to read the 12 other stories of my fellow contributors. And just to see my words in print! So exciting! As one of my encouragers, I owe you a word of gratitude for keeping me moving!

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