Due to Technical and Physical Difficulties…

Combined technical and physical difficulties have overwhelmed me. For this reason, I’m signing off the blog, newsletter, and social media until both situations improve.

Consistently, I’m seeing the benefits of giving in to self-care as a priority. When I return, hopefully by March 1st, my plans include the topic of self-care for everyone, but with an emphasis on creatives and the pressures we place on ourselves.

My promise to never stop writing doesn’t need me to ignore caring for myself–and yes, my computer’s needs when it cries out.

Via National Association for Baby Boomer Women
Via National Association for Baby Boomer Women

8 Replies to “Due to Technical and Physical Difficulties…”

  1. Joan Z Rough says:

    Thinking of you. I hope all things will get better soon.

  2. Take care of your good self Sherrey. Hope all resolves in good time.

  3. Marian Beaman says:

    You might feel blue telling us all this news, but you are a wise woman with the best website anywhere. I am still having trouble with my new site and should probably exercise more self-care too. Hey, a massage sounds good!
    By the way, you are on my prayer card for every Tuesday. Take as much time as you need, my dear.

  4. Take care, Sherrey. We will be here when you get back.

  5. Penelope James says:

    You need to look after yourself first so you made a wise decision. It’s not easy, but it’s easier than we expected because we have our writing. It makes all the difference. You can write in bed, if you need to. I’ve done some of my finest writing in the past year, and that’s what’s important. We can wait. You cannot!

  6. Susan G. Weidener says:

    I join the chorus of taking good care of yourself, Sherrey. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all need to go easy on ourselves.

  7. Sherrey,Yes, take care of yourself, my friend. Praying you feel better soon. ((hugs))

  8. So sorry, Sherrey. You take care of yourself and we look forward to your return.

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