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Virginia Woolf Got It Right! A Woman Needs Money and a Room to Write! — April 29, 2015

Virginia Woolf Got It Right! A Woman Needs Money and a Room to Write!

Yes, credit is given to Virginia Woolf for this quote. It is obvious to those of us who write these words apply to anyone engaged in the craft of writing. We all need a room to write, one quiet and free of interruption.

Several times lately I’ve mentioned in posts about taking time away from home to write. Lots of writers use coffee shops, libraries, anywhere there’s access to power and maybe even wi-fi to get the peace and quiet they want/need for writing.

Willamette Writers' 50 Year Logo
Willamette Writers’ 50 Year Logo

I’m fortunate to be a member of Willamette Writers, the largest writer organization in the Pacific Northwest. This year celebrates 50 years of the organization’s support for both aspiring and professional writers. Headquartered in Portland, OR, Willamette Writers’ administrative offices are located in West Linn, OR.

The organization owns a property in West Linn which affords space not only for administration purposes but also provides a library and space for group meetings. Additionally, there are five writing rooms fully equipped for the writer to work at his/her craft in quiet and solitude.

Willamette Writers House
Willamette Writers House

Officially named Cynthia Whitcomb House, the property is more often called The Writing House. This is where I slip away to no interruptions, quiet, and peace to work on my memoir or other projects with a deadline.

It is unbelievable what you can accomplish in 16 hours. Yes, you can rent a room for 16 hours for a mere $10, and write, write, write.

My favorite room to date is The Bloomsbury Room, fashioned after the lives and times of authors associated with The Bloomsbury Group. Images of English writers and other prominent personalities of the time, some of whom were core members of The Bloomsbury Group, adorn the walls: Virginia Woolf, Giles Lytton Strachey, E.M. Forster, Leonard Woolf, John Maynard Keynes, Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell, and others. Bloomsbury is a comfortable and inspirational room pleasantly decorated.

Bloomsbury Room
Bloomsbury Room

Many times when I go here to write I am the only one on the main floor and even if someone else is in the house, it is quiet and we rarely run into one another.

One of the best features is the Writing House is a mere 10 minutes from my home. Unfortunately, I have to drive by a Starbuck’s on the way so you can imagine I make certain I have plenty of fuel to see me through the morning write.

I won’t deny that I have a lovely writing space at home. However, it comes equipped with interruptions whether from family members or the telephone, the temptation to stop working and do something else, or a neighbor knocking on the door.

At The Writing House, no interruptions, no temptations, no ringing phone, no neighbors. Perfect writing time, and at a great price!

Your Turn ~ Do you have a writing place to call your own? Or a place to which you can escape for quiet and solitude? Share with us how you get away to write or what skills or tricks  you use to give your space to craft your writing.

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