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    Gratitude While Cocooning

    With plenty of time on my hands, my mind runs to thinking on gratitude. What I’m grateful for in our cocooning.   We decided to substitute “cocooning” for “sheltering in place” and “quarantining.” The genesis of cocooning is a statement shared in our church’s weekly men’s Bible study group. I’ll share the entire quote in a moment.   Here’s what I’m grateful for this past week: Shelter and food to eat plus clean water to drink. Being stranded in the middle of Meyer Woods with the man God blessed my life with almost 39 years ago. Health and welfare of our three children and their families. A long drive in…

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    On Turning 70, Joy in Writing, and Gratitude

    A NOTABLE BIRTHDAY   The prospect of reaching my eighth decade (in the minds of some aging, in other words) in February never bothered me. I looked on the process as part of my life cycle and enjoy catching up each year for a couple of months when my husband is only eight years older. Like most others, I celebrated this birthday with Bob and our son and his wife over dinner at a favorite restaurant with much chatter and laughter. Then we went our separate ways. It dawned on me in the next few days my husband would turn 79 in April, a year away from 80. That rocked…