Choosing the Title for Your Memoir

Many of you have been through this process, and you have traversed it with great success. For those of us who are first-timers, the journey to a title is a bit more cumbersome. How do you decide from all the ideas?Everyone seems to have a suggestion, but do they fit? Unlikely at best.Do you flip … Continue reading Choosing the Title for Your Memoir

Survey + Responses = Findings

A few posts back I submitted a survey for your responses. In order to ascertain what your readers want, you must do something which takes you outside your comfort zone. And this exercise did that for me. Asking you, my faithful readers, to take time out of your already busy days made me uncomfortable. I fight … Continue reading Survey + Responses = Findings

Seeking Input from My Followers

As I move ahead into 2015, I want to make sure that I'm providing my followers with the best I have to offer.To assess whether I have improvements to make or you have suggestions for better content and appearance, I am asking you to complete a short survey. Your input will be taken into consideration … Continue reading Seeking Input from My Followers