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Status Update…and a Favor to Ask — August 9, 2017

Status Update…and a Favor to Ask

Status Update

On this next Sunday, August 6th, it will have been two months since my last post here. During that time, I’ve had surgery, am in my eighth week of recovery, and have managed to recover from sticker shock at the medical bills we now have to pay.

The best news is my pain level is vastly diminished, and my surgeon released me last week to return to normal activities. That release came with a disclaimer. My surgeon’s expectations are that I will use common sense and previous experience with back surgeries to keep my activities within reason.

Soon I will be returning to my blog activities and my newsletter. Both bring me to the favor I need from you.

A Favor to Ask

In September, I will be moving my site to another platform. As you may know, each platform affords its clients a variety of options for use in building a site. The trickiest among those options, I have learned, is the way you can build the email list for your blog and newsletter. Therefore, I need your help.

If you signed up using the “follow” button or “follow via email” option in the sidebar [of my wordpress site], AND You want to continue Receiving blog posts, Please do the following:

In order to keep things flowing as they have been, followers who have received only my blog posts over the years by either of the above methods need to please complete the sign up form at this link.

if you receive my newsletter as well as blog posts AND want to continue, Please follow these instructions:

By receiving my newsletter, you may follow this link to the newsletter Preference Center. There you’ll need to enter your name and email again but you’ll note that you now have three options from which to select indicating how you’d like to receive updates.

When Does This Move Take Place?

It is my hope to have the site completed and up and running no later than September 15th or perhaps before then. If you look for me here and find me missing, you can use the same url for this site, Until the move is complete, the url will remain active here.

I am hoping you continue to follow by using the above directions. However, should you decide otherwise, I will miss you but know like changing seasons our interests and needs change. Either way, I wish you well on your journey wherever it takes you.

Thanks for your time,


Status Updates for My Followers and Readers — November 3, 2014

Status Updates for My Followers and Readers

Via Flickr | James Morley
Via Flickr | James Morley

As I sat down to write this note on Sunday evening, November 2nd, I was reminded how blessed I am by this writing community I’ve found online.

Thank you for your many emails, comments, and support the last couple of weeks.

I wish I could say I am healthy and ready to return. But, alas, my doctor has further tests scheduled for me this Wednesday. Until we have a clear diagnosis, I remain committed to taking care of myself.

However, previously scheduled guest posts will go forward and some not scheduled will be scheduled in the near future. I have some of my own in the works but not yet ready to tackle a full schedule each day.

My newsletter will come out Thursday next and then again the first Thursday in December. Due to the holidays, I’m pulling back from the earlier bi-weekly schedule.

A reminder about the status of the free ebook: I had previously announced it would be circulated to my current newsletter subscribers on October 30th. That did not happen. As soon as it is completed, it will be in your inboxes. And then to each new subscriber at sign up.

Thanks again for your concerns as well as your understanding.

November 2, 2014

Before anything else, thanks to all of you who so graciously continue to inspire, encourage, and support my efforts on this blog, the newsletter, and more. For that reason, I feel it only fair to offer this status update.

Recently, I’ve come  under fire from some health issues which continue unresolved and leave me with less energy than I usually enjoy.

The writing doesn’t come easy in these circumstances so I am letting you know I’m going to take a break for two, maybe three weeks from the blog and from social media.

Anything previously scheduled on the blog will go forward as scheduled, such as guest posts, interviews, etc.

The newsletter will continue to come out once more this month, and then once in each of November and December because of the major holidays in those months.

One last word about the free ebook on its way to completion. I have previously announced it would be circulated to my current newsletter subscribers on October 30th. That may or may not happen, and as soon as it is ready, it will come to you first. And then to each new subscriber afterwards.

I bid you happy writing days and a colorful fall wherever you are.

October 20, 2014