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Shhhh…Lean in Close…Time to “Reveal” — September 6, 2018

Shhhh…Lean in Close…Time to “Reveal”

It’s time for a “reveal.”

On most writers’ blogs when the word “reveal” is used, it’s to share your soon-to-be-published book cover. Not quite ready for that yet.

But, we–husband Bob and me–are almost ready to “reveal” The Writing Studio in its finished state. I first shared images of my studio in this post. It’s been a long process, and I’m so grateful to my designer/builder Bob for the fantastic job he has done.

From the initial planning stages, Bob’s hand has been in the design, placement in our backyard, and materials. These are the things he knows how to do and does well. I’m so certain of his skills and abilities I sit back and wait until he’s finished.

Occasionally, someone (yes, Marian!) would ask about when images would be posted. I would hem and haw and give some silly excuse. But it was just taking time what with doctors’ appointments, medical tests, injuries, physical therapy appointments (both of us!), and more. And until my health began to improve, I wasn’t going to be able to work in the studio much.

I’m happy to say we’re almost there…only a few things remain to be done.

You’ll only have to wait two weeks!

Yes, we’re that close! Can you believe it?

Pictures will be posted of the finished Studio right here on the blog two weeks from today. Yesterday I hung a few items on the walls, looked at what needed to be done inside before the photo shoot (like I’m some kind of professional photographer–not!).

Maybe I’ll even get brave and do the tour in video format. You’ll never know if you don’t come back in a couple of weeks to see for yourself.

Top Links for Indie Authors and Self-publishers — September 28, 2017

Top Links for Indie Authors and Self-publishers

News constantly speeds across the Internet each day. So fast it’s hard to keep pace with the information. Often the writer debates whether to write or read the news. 

Here are articles and posts I came across recently. I hope there is something of value to you as an Indie author and/or self-publisher.

  1. From Marion Roach Smith’s blog, How to Choose the Right Story to Tell. The post is written by C.A. Wittman, author of the memoir Synanon Kid. The post includes an excerpt from Wittman’s memoir.
  2. Narrative Magazine’s Story of the Week, “Of Kin and Kindred,” shares quotes about family. This post is a great resource when looking for a quote on family and family relationships.
  3. I don’t know about you, but I love Seth Godin’s short and to the point posts. His September 27, 2017, post is one of his best in my estimation. Seth talks about under (and over) achievers.
  4. We’ve all read posts and articles offering the advice that writing can make you feel better. Perhaps heal your hurts. Sharon Lippincott shares a personal experience to make her point in the post, When Writing Does NOT Make You Feel Better.
  5. Laura Tong at WritetoDone shares 50 Productivity Tips to Boost Your Brainpower as a Writer. I’m keeping her effective infographic handy for future reference.

Perhaps there are links you came across in the last few days you’d like to share. Place them in a comment below.

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