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Timeline Story: 3. Love of Words and Writing Grows — September 23, 2015

Timeline Story: 3. Love of Words and Writing Grows

This is the third post in a series sharing my Timeline Story, a look at the events, experiences and occupations that have contributed to shaping my business and writing life to the present. The first post is found at this link and the second here.


The days of grade school flew by in a flash. Before I knew what had happened I found myself in 7th grade at Donelson High School in the Nashville suburb of Donelson. Today’s distinction within the school grades seems more attuned to the student. Donelson High took us in at 7th grade and kept us until we graduated.


Imagine being a 7th grader changing classes in a large high school with senior high students. My graduating class numbered around 400 students and in 7th grade that meant there were five classes ahead of us as large.

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