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    Joy in the Time of COVID-19

    I did not intend to use the COVID-19 label in my post title, because you have heard enough about the virus without my adding it to headlines. Yet this was the catchiest title I could come up with today.  One item Bob and I have on our daily calendar is our time for morning devotional and prayers. In recent days, we’ve been following Henri Nouwen. The daily meditation is waiting in our inbox before we get up and out of bed. It’s been a good day starter for us. Yesterday’s meditation seemed chosen specifically for this time of crisis for all of us. As we read it, I thought of…

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    Defining Friendship in Today’s World

    Today I’m visiting with my friend, Mary Gottschalk, on her blog with a look at the topic of friendship in today’s world and how we define it within our social existence of networks, life, and more. Won’t you come join Mary and me to discuss this ever-changing definition? Henri Nouwen’s quote defines the foundation of a friendship. In looking at online definitions of the word “friendship,” they are many. Not one encompasses the qualities necessary to move from “being friends” to a true and lasting friendship. The definition found in Urban Dictionary is worth reading and understanding as it relates to today’s ever-growing cybernetic society: “Something that is much underrated…