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    What Does a Calendar in Covid Time Look Like?

    The sun sets, and the sun rises, bringing us a new day.   “Where’s your calendar?”   Those words request a coming together to check and synchronize our calendars. Three separate calendars need complete synchronicity. There’s the kitchen calendar, Bob’s little black book calendar, and the calendar I carry with me. Neither of us is willing to trust our important engagements to a digital calendar. I do use Google calendar for writing deadlines.   Yet, our habit is in the throes of slow death, and it is dying because our calendars are bare. There is nothing to synchronize.   Pure white is the color of the squares on the kitchen…

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    It’s all about timing these days. Living in a fast-paced world as we do, calendars, watches, and schedules keep us on time, most of the time.    Several things come to mind which depend on timing:     Figure skating partners must keep time to the music and each other.    Choirs match their voices in entrances and cutoffs so that they sound like one voice.    Gardeners pay attention to the right time to plant seeds and then thin the new shoots. Never forgotten is the timing of watering those seeds.   This all leads to my lack of timing this week. Following my last physical therapy session, I counted…