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Favorite Books of 2014 — December 29, 2014

Favorite Books of 2014

loved book httpsflic.krp8DFBf3 Tim GeersEach year I find myself reading multiple books at once. I can’t seem to pick one and settle down with it. Several call my name at once.
Out of the stacks beside my chair or bed, I have favorites when most have been read. In 2014, nothing changed.

My favorites of 2014 are listed below in no particular order:

Creative Nonfiction:

committed-front-coverCommitted by Patrick Ross

my beloved worldMy Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor

my fathers gardensMy Father’s Gardens by Karen Levy

Always Returning: The Wisdom of PlaceAlways Returning by D.A. Hickman

Ever Faithful to His Lead CoverEver Faithful to His Lead by Kathleen Pooler

Survival LessonsSurvival Lessons by Alice Hoffman

Growing Up Country by Carol BodensteinerGrowing Up Country by Carol Bodensteiner

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