Super Size It!

We all are familiar with the “super size it” menus of our fast food restaurants. We never dreamed we could have a plant in our overly shaded yard “supersize” itself.
Like seasons passed, Bob chastised himself for not nurturing our hydrangeas. You know–working the ground around them. Then addingi protection with manure, peat, other types of nutrients and wood chips. This past fall was no different, but as always, we plodded on and promised ourselves they’d do alright.
Then it came time to prune. I wasn’t able to help so Bob undertook the pruning. I dug out my instructions from a long-ago gardening magazine article. We watched and watched and watched from our family room window. Nothing new seemed to be appearing on their branches. 
Finally, leaves began to appear just when they should. And our watch began for flower buds. Impatient like we were earlier, we waited and waited. They too appeared in God’s own timing.
Next in line was the opening of those buds. Slowly they opened their petals. Our long wait was over. And they kept coming.
Two days ago I walked into the dining area, and let out a gasp! It was the largest hydrangea blossom I’d ever seen, and now you can see it above. The image doesn’t do it justice. This particular hydrangea outdid itself and most of our others.
Oh, we of little faith in God’s wonders.

6 thoughts on “Super Size It!

  1. What a beautiful manifestation of the way God works in our lives, Sherrey. Even when we don’t see anything and we’re tempted to lose hope, there are things happening. And sometimes, like this beautiful blossom, wonder appears! Wishing you a wonder-filled week.

    1. Your comment has opened my eyes this morning, Linda. The hydrangea and its magnificent blossoms now help me understand my long, slow recovery. “There are things happening.” I just don’t see them but God is still working on my body each day. Thank you for your words today.

  2. What a perfect symbol of faith and hope. God works in strange ways sometimes and provides us with all sorts of pleasant surprises. Hydrangeas are my favorites.

    1. Indeed, it is a symbol of faith and hope. I am so glad God works the way He does, surprises and all. Hydrangeas just happen to be my favorite too.

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