Jim to blog
Jim to blog

Meet Jim Meyer, my brother-in-law, my writing mentor, favorite wordsmith, and you might say thinking of Jim was always like summoning my muse. You see Jim always supported my writing efforts, encouraging, applauding, cautioning when necessary, but never sharing an ounce of doubt or negativity.

Unfortunately, with Jim’s death last November, I felt I’d lost that summoning power. Today that all changed.

Listening as I do everyday to our local classical station, today’s playlist included Elgar’s Enigma Variations, Op 36: “Nimrod.” Did I mention that Jim shared our love of classical music too? And it was Jim who introduced me to this amazing composition.

As its sounds began wafting magically from the radio, I dropped my head into my hands and started to tear up. That’s when it happened.

I sensed this incredible sensation that Jim was in the room with me, pushing and nudging me to stop wasting time, to get with the work at hand. Another of his characteristics. Jim waste time? Never! Jim move forward immediately? You bet!

That’s when I knew that I can still summon the muse via Jim’s voice, just not the one I used to be able to physically hear or sit beside over coffee or exchange thoughts with. The music we loved is my connector now. And I just happen to have a fully loaded iPod that was his.

How technologically savvy is the muse? I think mine’s on top of it all!

* * *

Take a moment to relax, close your eyes and listen to Elgar’s Nimrod: