Ever feel as if every social media icon is part of a tumultuous cyclonic wind swirling around your mind?  My guess is you’re not alone.

From personal experience, I can say that if this overwhelming icon effect is attacking you, I am right there with you.

These colorful, socially engaging images are great distractions in the middle of a day when you want to write.  Despite their almost one-dimensional existence, they have the ability to speak your name, tempt you to come along, and then poof! — the day is over.

Why are these colorful distractions a problem for us?

It’s all about time.  Managing your time.  Time is important and should be guarded carefully. And each of these media takes time away from other endeavors.

As writers we are encouraged to build platforms, find “tribes,” and participate on social media.

That’s all well and good but how can one manage all these media outlets and find time for writing?

In the recent past, I’ve read several blog posts on this topic of social media and distraction.  What I sat down to write has already been written and in a better way than I ever could.

Today I want to share with you two posts written by Kathy Pooler of Memoir Writer’s Journey.  In the first post, Kathy writes about the catalyst behind her words.  And she lets us into her private writer world when she says: “Social media has become a major distraction in my life and in my writing.”

In spite of what Kathy had learned in a workshop about building her writer platform and why she needs that platform, Kathy shares that her goal is for a plan that looks toward minimizingdaily social media distractions while maximizing the benefits.”  In a follow-on post, “Lights, Camera, Action: ‘Operation Focus’,” Kathy shares just what that plan is and how she hopes it will work for her.

In her posts, Kathy includes links to several writers who share their own ideas on time management and social media.

Kathy’s posts speak to my immediate needs.  Ayear ago, when I first read them, we had just learned of a medical crisis in our family, and to attempt something new was not in my plans.  Now, it is time.

Stay tuned for Thursday’s post which will bring you a look at another writer’s thoughts on time management.  This time from someone who is still working outside the home.