Stormy Weather

stormy weather
Last evening the kitties and I enjoyed the thunderstorms in our area. The kitties probably didn’t enjoy the stormy weather as much as I did.
The image above, shared by our local TV station, KOIN, shows the storm system moving over the Portland area. 
storm-damaged tree
Attribution: KOIN

We were among the fortunate who escaped damage to property or grounds. Others weren’t so lucky.

As a youngster growing up in the south, my favorite summertime event was a thunderstorm. Trouble with my mother came my way because I dared to stand outside and wait for the storm to arrive. Then I refused to go inside.
I have since come to understand Mama’s fear of the dangers inherent in a storm. In my memories, those were some thrilling times.
Thunderstorms are not frequent visitors in Portland. But I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that more will come this summer!
Feature image attribution: Jose Julian Araya via KOIN

4 Replies to “Stormy Weather”

  1. Thunderstorms here too yesterday, Sherrey, but thankfully no hail. I love a good storm—when I’m safe and cozy at home to enjoy it.

  2. Safe and cozy at home…key words for me too, Linda, especially now that I’m older.

  3. My daughter loves thunderstorms, me not so much unless there’s a rainbow at the end of the sound and fury!

    1. Slow to reply is me! And you looking for the rainbow. I think I owe you an email about your book. Ooops!

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