Stepping Away for Awhile

Beginning Friday, June 9th, I will be stepping away from this blog, my book review blog, and social media as I recover from surgery. During my time away, I’m hoping to regain strength and energy lost during my 18 month battle with chronic pain resulting from a fall in January 2016. I’m also hoping to take advantage of the quiet time to work toward completion of my memoir and ready it for publishing.

When I return, or perhaps before, I may propose some topics for blog posts and ask for your input on what you’d like to see and read here.

In the interim, I wish you the sunniest days of summer, the sweetest of fruits from the summer harvest, and some time for yourself and your loved ones.


21 Replies to “Stepping Away for Awhile”

  1. I will be thinking of you Sherry and hoping for the quickest recovery ever! Do you think you will be back in the saddle in time for the Willamette Writer’s Conference? I sure hope we can get together again as I sure enjoy spending time with you. Again, lots of well wishes and hugs coming your way!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I am hoping to be able to do at least part of WW in August. And I’d love seeing you too. Feeling the love and hugs!

  2. All best wishes Sherry. Rest well pre and post surgery. 💚🌹

    1. Thank you, Susan. Appreciate your graciousness.

  3. Joan Z Rough says:

    Sherrey, Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way for a successful surgery, a fast recovery, and finishing your memoir. Please keep us posted.

    1. Joan, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. And for finishing my memoir!

  4. Paula Palmer says:

    Sherrey, I’m so sorry. Writing is difficult enough even when we’re feeling fine. Hope you heal well.

    1. Hello Paula, nice to see you here. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. So happy to hear you finally have that surgery scheduled Sherrey. Surely you’ll feel like a new person within days or weeks, with continued improvement after that. Blessings on the surgeon and his hands, and hugs and prayers for you. Will you or your hubby be able to post short updates, maybe on Facebook?

    1. I am counting the hours, Sharon. Thanks for the hugs and prayers, and yes, one of us will be able to post a FB update.

  6. May this time away bring healing, Sherrey. Prayers for all who care for you and especially for you. I hope you can experience deep, permanent relief.

    1. Shirley, thank you for your gracious words and prayers.

  7. Penelope James says:

    About time, Sherrey. I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive vibes in your direction. Hope to see you back again, pain free, and smiling. Best wishes, Pennie

    1. Pennie, thank you for your kind words and support this year. I continue to pray for your continued recovery and healing. One day we’ll both be whole again. Hugs to you, Sherrey

  8. KathyPooler says:

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way, Sherrey. May this be the beginning of a pain-free life. God’s speed, my friend.

    1. Kathy, thanks for your gracious words and prayers. Hoping for whatever God intends.

  9. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Sherrey and wish you a complete and easy recovery.

    1. Janet, thank you for your gracious words. Your prayers are appreciated.

  10. Be well Sherrey. <3

  11. Hope you heal quickly and happily, Sherrey.

    1. Thank you!

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