Sounds of Summer

It’s Sunday and our family room slider is open. We’re just about into our favorite Sunday pastime–naps. But first, let me tell you about my favorite part of summer—the sounds.  Mornings with birdsong outside the window. The squeal of children playing outdoors. The beautiful flowers, the sunlight needed for them and me, and the opportunity to be outside.
Today we’ve been listening to the sounds of our neighbor’s grandchildren. When we moved here, this couple’s children were in preschool and grade school. We used to hear the happy sounds of that generation and now the next.
Weekends for our neighbors are busy. But the joy and laughter heard from that backyard is a pleasant thing. Laughing in the pool. Chasing each other around the yard. Swinging and climbing. And then the other sounds supplied by nature’s own. Dogs barking and squirrels scurrying up trees. And woodpeckers, crows, and Steller’s jays making raucous music. 
There’s also the sound of busy people caring for their lawns and gardens. Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers melodiously humming a tune. For those into building, their nail guns, saws, and hammers provide percussion.
And the beautiful sound of families gathering around the table at the end of the day. 
Such a cacophony of sounds! And yet each one bears the gift of joy and happiness, thanks to the Creator’s magnificent hand.

6 thoughts on “Sounds of Summer

  1. I enjoyed reading your reflection on the sounds of summer, Sherrey. I read with the realization that these sounds I once treasured are no more in our life. We live in an adult community now, no more children sitting on the sidewalk reading books from our Little Free Library, no more neighbours mowing lawns, and I realized as I read this that I miss those things. Still, I appreciate the peace and quiet of our community on the ridge. Changing seasons, sometimes bittersweet but always ripe with gifts if we look for them. Wishing you a pleasant Monday.

    1. Linda, one of our considerations as we look at our living options is the loss of the younger generation around us. They bring a certain joy whether interacting with them or just listening to their happiness. Bob often points out that with each thing we need to change we’ll have something to give up. Like our mini-forest we live in. When I look at your images of your view, I am envious of what you awaken to each morning. But then, as you say, changing seasons also bring us gifts if we look for them. Hope you have a day full of joy and light.

  2. Lovely post Sherrey.. we have lots of children down at the harbour and at the funfair near to the beach and it brings summer to the town, even when the sun does not shine. Your first archive post is now up and running… thanks for letting me share. Sally

    1. Sally, thanks for including my post in the Smorgasbord and for visiting here. Yes, even when the sun isn’t shining, the sounds of families having fun brings summer along.

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