When I posted here on December 31, 2012, I spoke to the need to recover balance in my life and family, specifically seeking God’s guidance in what He has in store for me.  Since then, I’ve posted only once — a book review of Morning at Wellington Square by Susan Wiedener.
I have spent some small spaces of time in quiet reflection, dabbling in my writing projects, and expended huge amounts of time on failing laptops and computer equipment and getting those replaced or repaired.  In so doing, I have been given in those special quiet moments a word on which to reflect in 2013:


By placing the word “simplify” at the forefront of everything I seek to accomplish, I’m hopeful that when I feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the direction I should take I’ll simplify.  By leaving something behind, perhaps undone for the time being, and allowing myself to find those quiet moments again.

But I must admit I’ve missed the blogging and writing community.  I need to write — it is where I find myself most at home and thriving in my own creative world.  My husband has his creative niche — art and design — and mine is the need to use language, words, communication to bring my world alive.

So, I’m easing back in to blogging and writing and will begin to be more active as time and life allow.  After all, simplify is my mantra for now.  I can make it as simple as I want.

8 thoughts on “Simplify

    1. Madeline, I couldn’t stay away from writing any longer. My muse kept whispering in my ear that it was time. So I am beginning again in small ways. As always, I appreciate the wisdom in your comments: “You can make it as hard or simple as you want. We all can.”

    1. Kathy, I’m not sure how skilled I am at simplifying life, but I’m sure going to try. I’ll let you know how it goes. Appreciate the welcome back.

  1. Sherrey, I have a “candle” that you plug in with the word “Simplify” in brown letters on the front. I love the expression and the sentiment behind it and yet complexity often characterizes the life of the writer, as we are so keenly and sensitively aware of all that is going on around us. I hope this note finds you in a peaceful and serene place. Technology, unfortunately, is both a bane and a blessing. Thank you for meeting me “across the miles” and being so supportive and welcoming of my memoirs.

    1. Susan, the word “simplify” has resonated with me since we came home in December after a year of heartbreaking travel. It truly seemed it was time to look at our life together and make the most of it. I am enjoying our exchanges “across the miles” on our blogs and Facebook, and your support and encouragement to the rest of us is appreciated.

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