Sameness is an awkward word, isn’t it? But in these pandemic days, it’s the best suited to circumstances in our home.

A few mornings ago I lay awake listening to the morning sounds. Inside there was nothing happening. The cats weren’t even hassling us for morning treats. Outside I could hear rain falling and occasional birdsong.

My mind wandered thinking of what I would do if I got out of bed right then. And it came to me in a flash — the same thing I did yesterday!

Like the identical twins in the above image, our days are identical, or dressed in sameness, in so many ways. And this becomes boring, drains creativity, causes napping (in excess!), and brings on the consumption of comfort foods. It’s a rather humdrum existence. But, as Bob would say, it’s better than the alternative.

Featured image attribution: Woman’s World / Getty Images

6 thoughts on “Sameness

  1. Life has taken on the appearance of sameness. It is hard to be creative when one day bleeds into the next. Something different happened today. It snowed. The blessing is I don’t have to go out into it. I won’t have to clean my windsheild to go to work, or experience a white-knuckle drive, I can watch the beauty from my window.

    1. I like your perspective on sameness and how life has taken on the appearance of sameness. It is hard to be creative. Gratitude here for your blessing of something different today — the snow! And an additional blessing of not having to get out and travel in it! Hope to see you here again.

  2. Such a good message, Sherrey. Even if one day seems like another, we can find differences if we look closely … or experience them like when you realized your cats weren’t begging for treats 🙂 It always surprises me when my cats sleep late 😁

    1. Marie, thank you for your encouraging words. These cats can certainly surprise us, can’t they? I hadn’t thought of this as you did, but their sleeping “in” was a difference that morning. Love having you visit here.

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