Reorganizing and Cleaning Up

Does your desk ever reach what is defined as “insanely messy?”

Mine does, and this week it has reached the end of my tolerance. Although a master at organizing someone else’s desk and keeping it that way, I seem to have absorbed through osmosis the ability my husband has to trash a desk and still work at it. I can’t.

Attribution: trec_lit via Flickr

This is not my desk. It is a photo I found via Flickr and gives a clear image of what I’m dealing with. What you can’t see is the disorganization in the rest of the room. That too is niggling away at my creativity.

Solution? Take a few days off from writing for reorganizing and cleaning up my space.

It will only mean a small amount of downtime and since we’re about to hit our third or fourth heat wave since the end of June, I might as well focus on indoor activities.

Yes, writing is an indoor activity but somehow lately I’ve been bogged down with family “schtuff” and interruptions from Life.

However, in spite of it all, I’m getting close to those beautiful words, “The End,” with the manuscript. And then I’ll be seeking some beta readers so watch for the call.

In the meantime, remember this quote attributed to Albert Einstein:


Hmmm, maybe I won’t worry about the mess after all!


7 thoughts on “Reorganizing and Cleaning Up

  1. There are days when we have to make time to reorganize. When I do, it always leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. Love the Einstein quote!

    1. Joan, if you want to feel accomplished, you can come on over. I wish I could say “come over and cool off” but it looks like the entire country is in a heat wave! Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. I am trying to make it a habit of spending my last 15 minutes in the studio, cleaning up after myself. So far, so good, but wait a week and I’ll probably go back to my old messy self.

    1. Thanks for the reminder of something I always did before leaving work–take 10-15 minute to organize for the next day. But then can I make myself do it every day??? Good to have you here, Joan.

  3. I hear you Sherrey. I feel claustrophobic sometimes when I let too many papers and books surround my computer. Every now and then I have to do a sweep because it tends to hinder my concentration. 🙂

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