Remembrance and Gratitude

Each Memorial Day there are families across our country with memories of lost loved ones, loved ones who fought and survived, loved ones fighting, and loved ones in training to fight when needed. But what about the rest of us–what do we remember? To pick up the groceries for the cookout? To invite the family over for s’more’s? To watch fireworks displays? Attend a parade? Attend memorial remembrances for the fallen and to honor the service men and women who spent time away from family to fight for our freedoms?

In our home, we remember that, between our combined families, there have been family members serving in the Navy during WWI, in the Army and Navy during WWII, in the Army in Korea and Vietnam, in the Marines in Iraq, and now one serving in the Army National Guard.

I remember the classmates from my high school graduating class of 1964 who died in Vietnam. Too young to die, I think of what they might have become had they not given their lives for all the rest of us.

Beyond these servicemen, we are also grateful and remember all those others whose paths we likely did not cross.

Take a moment today to silently show your gratitude for our military.

Setting Flags at Willamette National Cemetery, Memorial Day 2015
Setting Flags at Willamette National Cemetery, Memorial Day 2015

6 thoughts on “Remembrance and Gratitude

  1. Yes, it’s important to observe this day Sherrey. I tweeted the quote – it’s altogether too easy to let the day slide by. When in Vietnam a few years ago with an American friend, we bowed our heads for those who had died – for both sides …

    1. Thanks, Susan, for dropping in and for tweeting the quote. Vietnam, the forgotten soldiers, many of whom never came home and those who did never received a warm welcome or thank you. We attended a Memorial Day service honoring vets and active duty and those who lost their lives, and one gentlemen speaking honored those from every war except Vietnam. The next person up to the mike, a woman, corrected his oversight. I cheered silently for her!

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