Rainy autumn days arrived in the Pacific Northwest with bluster. With them, they brought winds that tossed colorful leaves everywhere. Our maple tree left our driveway looking like a leaf mosaic. Bob took the photo above on one of his daily trips to our mailbox last week.

With the change in our weather, the last weekend in November upon us, and new COVID restrictions on Oregon activities, it must be Thanksgiving. Things have tightened up with regard to social gatherings as the number of new cases and deaths have increased here. It is hard to celebrate while so many others are grieving, are houseless and hungry, and struggling economically to keep businesses afloat.

We’ll be a party of two with a reservation at Meyer Woods Lodge tomorrow. And we’re a bit non-traditional as we serve up orange marmalade-glazed ham and other fixings. Gratitude will be shown for our health and God’s protection of our family near and far.

So, today I’m thanking my readers and followers for their constancy, encouragement, and support. Your presence in my writing and reading life is important, especially during the pandemic. I pray you and your families are well and safe.

Give thanks, Thanksgiving, gratitude, grateful,
Image Attribution: Dayspring

Featured Image Attribution: © Bob Meyer 2020

Until next week,