Quiet Times

     Silence is more musical than any song.
Christina Rosetti

The last week resulted in quiet times here on the blog and at home. A week of blank days on my calendar awaited me. I had grand plans.

With physical therapy appointments scheduled now every other week, I had no reason to go there. And there were no doctor appointments to keep. 

My plans included establishing an at-home physical therapy schedule as two weeks between appointments is a good bit of downtime. I also hoped to move my “office” supplies and writing tools back to the corner of my workroom. And we had lunch dates planned with two couples. I was excited by these prospects.

What I thought were allergies last weekend turned into a nasty cold by Tuesday morning. From then until now, this monster destroyed my plans. We did get in one lunch date on Monday. I hope that couple doesn’t get my cold germs!

But there is always a silver lining, isn’t there?

Ah, the quiet times of a slow and unburdened week. I’ve sipped tea while reading and jotting down notes. My handy yellow highlighter waits by my chair. Read an entire Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley mystery, plus started a Dinty Moore book on writing the personal essay (good stuff!). In the background, I’ve listened to classical music. 

I’ve stolen naps here and there from bed to recliner with a cozy tuxedo kitty on my lap or by my side. Somehow Maggie has just the magic to help one sleep easy.

I’ve simply allowed myself to be soothed by the need not to be hurried to get here, go there, and turn around to do the same thing tomorrow. Even though my plans were dispelled and I was feeling unhealthy, it was ever so nice.

6 thoughts on “Quiet Times

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been under the weather, Sherrey. Like you, I’ve been embracing an unexpected and necessary down time with the company of good words, turning a burden into a blessing. Wishing you continued recovery in God’s good time.

    1. Your kind and gracious words and thoughts are soothing. I can’t seem to shake this thing. Hopefully, my choice to be calm and peaceful will do the trick. Your prayer of continued recovery “in God’s good time” is a blessing. Sending you wishes for the same.

  2. Medicine for the soul here.

    My son-in-law brought cold germs back from Ireland. (Or maybe the plane home did it!) Anyway, now my daughter caught it. I have prescribed 50mg doses of zinc, with food + Alka Seltzer Plus tablets. Maybe I’ll get some chicken soup for them from Panera tomorrow.

    Feel better soon, Sherrey!

    1. That “medicine for the soul here” is a beautiful thought! The most fretful thing about a cold is how it jumps from one to the next and on and on. Hope recovery is in sight for your daughter and son-in-law and, Marian, that chicken soup from Panera ought to do the trick. Love your spending time with me today.

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