Outside our family room window, two large hydrangeas are heavy with buds. Knowing what they will look like in bloom makes the waiting hard. My patience with this process is better than my patience in other areas of nature and life.
Hydrangea buds open slowly, like this recovery I’m going through. The buds and petals of the hydrangea tease, as do my good days versus not so good days. Patience wears thin at times.
Patience is not simply the ability to wait –
it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.
~~ Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer reminds us that it isn’t only about waiting. Our behavior while waiting is important as well. 
Today I’m putting a stop to complaining, fussing, and whining about the length of this recovery. The better choice is to treat my waiting time more like the budding of a new flower. That is, something I’m able to wait for without complaining, fussing, and whining.


4 Replies to “Patience”

  1. What a wise way of looking at it, Sherrey.

    1. Linda, thanks for your kind words.

  2. Still learning this lesson: behaving well while waiting!
    It’s true: If you force a flower to bud, it will fall apart.

    Great post, Sherrey!

    1. What a true statement on forcing a flower to bud! Thank you, Marian, for adding to the truth of the matter.

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