We writers manage to find plenty to say about the pandemic. Some of it is uplifting. Some not so much. Yet, we are writing to keep ourselves sane, and so we write whatever touches us.
Today my husband and I experienced a first. And it brought to mind several other firsts that have happened during the pandemic. 
This first was a follow-up visit for each of us with our primary care doctor via Updox, like Zoom. Neither of us had had a medical visit via technology before, and so had no  idea what we were to do before, during, and after. Despite that, everything went very well.

How many other firsts have come our way since the quarantine began here in Oregon?
Here’s my shortlist. Based on a Phase II notice from our county today, it looks as if we’ll have plenty of time to add to it.
  • Grocery shopping online with curbside pickup.
  • Church worship via Zoom and using Facebook Live.
  • Attended a two-day writing workshop using Zoom.
  • Some of our choir members formed a small virtual choir.
  • For the first time, we searched the BBC reruns of our favorite shows. Now we have! And it’s a date every nite at 8:30 pm PST for Midsomer Murders.
  • New estate planning documents required two witnesses. Our attorney instructed us to witness the other’s signature due to unusual circumstances. Our next-door neighbor was our second witness. We signed documents on the inside of our storm door. Our neighbor watched and then signed from our front porch. Not your usual law firm conference room signing.
  • Prescription refills from a local pharmacy delivered to our door.
  • Celebrating birthdays and certain days, like Mother’s Day, without the usual gathering with family. We managed a short visit in our yard keeping accurate social distances. I sure missed the hugs!
  • And last, but not least, you think if you’re quarantined in a pandemic, you will come to no harm. Not so! A week ago, I was baking and couldn’t find my bottle of vanilla. I grabbed our two-step kitchen step stool and climbed to look for it on the top shelf of my spice cupboard. I found it! How it got there I don’t remember, but where I ended up I’ll never forget. I stepped down and then in a split second realized I had landed on my tailbone and hit my head on the floor. An unforgettable moment, which daily through pain reminds me to never do this again!
Any firsts happening for you these last few months that might not have happened if not for the pandemic? If you’re willing to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Featured Image Attribution: Marjon Besteman-Horn from Pixabay