Outside My Window

I’ve had company outside my writing space window today. A rather noisy racket has accompanied this guest. Can’t put my finger on just what he wants or needs, or if he knows. He hasn’t said a word but has caused a ruckus just by being himself.

Image Credit: All About Birds, Cornell University Ornithology Lab
Image Credit: All About Birds, Cornell University Ornithology Lab

Meet one of the many Steller’s Jays that live in and around our mini-forest. This one, however, has been the noisiest, without making a squawk at all. He has found a pile of dried leaves in our neighbor’s yard and has literally been doing a dance.

He’ll pick up a leaf and then flick it in the air, allowing it to waft its way back down on the ground. Then he attacks it!

If you don’t know much about Steller’s Jays, they are bold, inquisitive, highly intelligent, and their overriding characteristic is their ability to make noise. However, as you can see, they are quite beautiful.

Just thought I’d share my company with you.

6 thoughts on “Outside My Window

  1. Lovely post. If you go to my Facebook page, you’ll see the fountain where Florida birds enjoying perching and drinking. Unfortunately, the other day I saw feathers in the fountain water, so we are on the prowl for the culprit cat. Arghhh!

    1. Love fountain, lovely garden area. Feathers in the fountain water? Not so lovely. Admitting to having a cat but she’s an indoor girl, except when one of us takes her out. So, she brings home no dead birdies and no stray feathers. 🙂

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