Numerically speaking, the above title comprises four ways of looking at my absence from my blog since August 11, 2022. There are many more numerical elements available, but I believe four is quite enough for now.

Today, August 11, 2023, is my first “official” day back to the blog. My previous post on August 1, 2023, was a simple “ad,” if you will, drumming up interest in what might happen today. The date I last posted was August 11, 2022.

An Apology is Needed

You may have questions about why someone would leave their blog unannounced. Plus, they stay away for a year, making no appearance.
  • Why?
  • What led up to it?
  • When will the blogger return?
  • Is he or she coming back?
  • Am I, a reader/follower, wasting my time with this blogger?

I feel I owe you each an apology. Yes, I stopped blogging with no explanation at all. My parents would classify my behavior as rude. And perhaps it was. No sign of return and when.
Under the same circumstances in the past (here and here as examples), I usually gave a generic reason or something more specific about why I was going to be away.
blessings, friends, Ralph Waldo Emerson, apology,Ralph Waldo Emerson conveniently put into words what I’m feeling toward each of you in this circumstance. And I consider most of you friends or friends-to-be. My actions in leaving were, as Emerson stated, stupid. 
To answer these questions, I must be honest. I struggle with the effects of excessive anesthesia during a 2019 surgery. One name applied to this condition is postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD). Or, as my husband Bob described it to my surgeon at my first post-op visit, “You sent me home with a different wife.” It was, and sometimes still is, a somewhat accurate description of me.
Symptoms may last for days, months, or even years. Add mild depression to POCD symptoms and cumulative mental changes add up as the cause of my discontinuing blogging and writing over the past year.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Difficulty in remembering and recalling—misplacing things, entering a room and forgetting the reason why you are there, etc.
  • Inability to complete tasks that were previously not difficult
  • Issues with intellectual performance—no longer able to keep up with crosswords, reading
  • Difficulty with combining tasks—multitasking, etc.
  • Reduced psychomotor skills—challenges with fine movements
  • Language comprehension difficulties
  • Issues with social integration—problems following conversations, etc.
Not only did my writing life suffer, but also my day-to-day life took a hit. I could not find motivational or creative factors available to me. Everything seemed to be out of my reach.
I still struggle with these problems, but not nearly as frequently. It all depends on the impact of changing weather systems, stress, and mood.

An Epiphany Always Comes in Handy

I tried many things to get back to my status as a blogger, writer, good partner, and able to engage in group settings. It took time, and often things attempted didn’t work out. 

Recently, I was sitting in our family room, just me and Maggie, one of our cats on my lap. Bob was out to a band, orchestra, or choir practice. I dropped off to sleep. In my sleep, I dreamed of being back and writing blog posts and possibly working on my memoir draft manuscript. In my dream, I felt happy and experiencing days of satisfaction and happiness.

When Bob came home, with Iggy, our second cat trailing behind him, I shared my thoughts and feelings. WordPress emailed while I was napping regarding the renewal of my account in June. I had decided to just revert the site as a free plan so I wouldn’t lose any of my writing. Bob suggested I continue my account just as it has been for several years now that I wanted to return to blogging and writing. I did just that! 

And here I am still planning things and drawing on the bit of creativity and motivation that I have felt. Who or what created that dream? Obviously, the Creator of my dream knew what I needed. He always does, doesn’t He?

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” ~~2 Corinthians 9:8 (NIV)

Future Plans

I have added a few things in a draft outline of my blog going forward:

  • I hope to include more book reviews, including memoirs, nonfiction collections of essays, and some historical fiction and mystery.
  • I’m planning a series of posts to pick up where this one ends by sharing with you some of my coping techniques in handling the symptoms of POCD while also still coping with chronic pain and neuropathy. I will soon announce the beginning date for this.
  • I am contemplating the use of writing tips and resources as a series as well. But this will come sometime later.

Blogging Schedule

I intend to continue to use the schedule of posting on Wednesdays every other week. My next post will be here on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

divider, separatorI look forward to catching up with my long-term writing friends and those newer friends who come to read and enjoy my writing. Without all of you, this craft would not be nearly as much fun as it is.

Also, I want to thank my husband, Bob, for listening to me read my posts aloud and for his time spent reading and editing the posts when I’m near my final version. 

Until next time,


Featured Image Attribution: Image by Gordon Johnson